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Basic Care Plan

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Basic Care Plan offers required medical care to your parent(s) bringing peace of mind to you. As part of this plan, they are covered for medical emergency situations, hospital appointments etc., Below is list of things included in the plan.

1) Regular Care Services
a. Access our app to collaborate with our team when needed.
b. Assigned Care Manager to your family.
c. Care Manager visits - 12 times per year.
d. Accompanying your family to doctor’s visits - 12 times per year.
e. Emergency support for entire year
f. 24/7 support & call center availability

2) Emergency care services
a. Help with Ambulance Services
b. Non-Medical Emergency services
c. Medical Emergency Assistance with a care plan
d. Real-time updates in Anvayaa app and WhatsApp
e. Managed by Care Manager

3) Healthcare Services
a. Free annual comprehensive medical check-up at home by our diagnostic partners across the country.
b. Help with scheduling doctor’s appointments as needed.
c. Help get discounts on medication via our partners.
d. Home delivery of medications
e. Arranging for 24-Hour bedside care if needed
f. Secure maintenance of Electronic Medical Records in Anvayaa app
g. Reminders via Anvayaa app
h. 24X7 Customer care that you can reach by calling or WhatsApp.

4) Payment Services
a. Help setting up prepaid digital wallet for beneficiary to manage everyday expenses.
b. Online Cash Management via digital wallet
c. Medical emergency fund management

5) Other services
Health & Travel Insurance Services - Work with our insurance partners and help facilitating to buy the insurance for beneficiary (Insurance amount depends on the type of insurance and not included in the price)

* This plan requires commitment of 12 months. If you have any special needs, we may be able to accommodate as well so reach out.

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